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    April 26, 2016


    Over the weekend, I crossed off a few items on my pre-summer 

    adventure "to do" list.


    I met with my colleague, Charles, to discuss his experiences on long motorcycle trips. He took his first excursion in his teens!  With pen and paper in hand, I jotted down as many notes as I could.  He offered to teach me some basic motorcycle maintenance before my trek.  Not on the level of Robert M. Pirsig, but one has to start somewhere.   













    He also suggested the following:

    -check air pressure every 2-3 days 

    -oil change every 1500 miles or so 

    -buy some cruising pegs

    -full set of rain gear (a must)

    -take the bike in for a tune-up 

    -carry tire irons and a patch kit 

    -probe Craigslist for accessories 

    Meanwhile, I had to replace my left blinker.  It was a pretty easy fix.


    Common sense involving copper wiring, color coding, and electrical tape. In the corner of the photo below is Greg.  His wife, Jenn, did me the courtesy of taking this glamorous pic for blogging purposes.  


    (Backstory.  They moved down from PA about six years ago. We've been friends for about as long.)


    Jenn encouraged me to fix that blinker during a recent visit. I had all the tools; I just needed a kick in the a&&.  


    Thanks Jenn!  



    Next up?


    Mapping the route from Vero Beach, Florida to somewhere, Mississippi.  


    I say somewhere 

    because right now I'm not sure in which city I'll find myself.  I know I want to end up on The Great River Road.  (Side note: still debating on how to exit Florida.)    


    The other pressing question is how little wardrobe 

    to bring.    

    Who wants to be weighed down with unnecessary baggage?  


    Pack light.

    Plan routes.






    Just ordered a free map of The Great River Road.  Thank you!  

    Interactive videos, too.   

     Source: http://experiencemississippiriver.com/interactive-tools/videos/

















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