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    Not exactly glamping.

    May 15, 2016

    I had an internal debate about whether to pack a tent.  Tents can be heavy, bulky, and awkward. The fancy ones can be quite pricey, too. I am not the type of person to spend hundreds of dollars on a tent.  


    If I were climbing Mount Everest, sure, but in this case, I am in the luxury of summer in my native land.  


    Not Nepal.  


    I opted for a colorful child's tent.  


    It had just enough room.


    Not as heavy and bulky as an adult tent. In less than 15 minutes, I put up the tent.  

    Then, I went inside.  


    Definitely cozy.  Almost womb-like.  


    Think aquatic amniotic fluid.  That sounds about right.  


    Ultimately, the goal is to save money on accommodations.  Here's my theory:  the more I tent, the longer I ride.  The longer I ride, the more adventures I experience.  


    Goal:  stretch this trip to the end of October/early November.


    I wanted to create an image (inside my tent) reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project because, sometimes, the scariest visions are the ones we create in our minds.  The only thing missing is a flashlight up against my face.    


    Sleep-wise, I have a back-up plan.  


    I signed up on a few sites which offer a place to rest my head:  warm showers and couch surfing.  


    And of course, airbnb.  


    In other words, if I need a human engineered bed, I know where to go.


    Torrential downpours may also encourage expensive accommodations.


    What if I wear my motorcycle rain gear while sleeping?  (Note to self: buy nice rain gear.)  


    Why did I not befriend more Eagle Scouts in my youth?  

    St. Francisville will be one of my first Mississippi River stops.  


    Based on some research, Louisiana has some breathtaking hiking in the Clark Creek Natural Area specifically Tunica Falls.


    (Photo courtesy of Pack and Paddle)  



    Further digging excavated a possible resting area: Tunica Hills Campground.  

    Here's how their website hooked me:  


    Biking or motorcycling these backroads is spectacular! Even kids will enjoy biking the hills & curves on the deserted roads. Be sure to take along one of the detailed maps we made to keep you from getting lost because your Google Map just doesn't give you the names of all these backroads! And if you have a problem & give us a call, chances are we can pick you up!     



    This campground sounds like my kind of place.  


    Camping starts at around $16 per night.  


    Definitely affordable.  


    Tunica Hills is less than 20 miles from St. Francisville and less than 10 miles from the hiking area.  


    I may not be glamping it, but I am not necessarily roughing it, either.  The rough part will be the motorcycle riding; however, if I limit my seat time to under 200-miles per day, I will be fine.  


    After all, this adventure has no real time frame.  


    It's why I saved a small fortune to fund this trip.  


    Goal:  lose all sense of time, yet become lost in the present.  



    Today's upload is called Homeless by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  For me, this piece symbolizes how vulnerable we are against the natural world.  




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