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    4 counties < 3 hours

    June 20, 2016

    The anticipation for today's ride resulted in a restless evening.  


    My cell-phone alarm awakened me at exactly 4:15 a.m. 


    One would think I would have arrived on time; unfortunately, Charles was in the post office parking lot waiting for me.  


    (Look at his handsome ride.) 

    He graciously offered to accompany me a piece of the way to Yeehaw Junction.


    Route 60 gleamed with a beautiful moon overhead.  


    All was a smooth shot until we passed under Interstate-95.  




    The amount of gnats which attacked my face, my eyes, and my mouth was unprecedented.  I used my left hand to wipe the black smears from my face while still trying to maintain a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit.


    A full facial helmet -- like the one Charles had -- would have prevented the onslaught, but I like feeling the wind on my face.  


    The price.  


    We, romantics, pay.  

    Below is what I call a photo disaster.  


    Notice the mileage on my bike?  


    If you look closely, you can see the mileage.




    For the record, I left Vero Beach at 17,300 miles.

    When Charles turned around and hightailed it back to Vero Beach (at a much faster rate), I continued west on Route 60 towards Plant City.  


    Just after the Desert Inn, I hit some pretty wet roads.  


    The road splash was a much better option rather than having to endure a downpour. Complementary mud facials were offered by area truckers and haulers.


    Let's just say I kept my mouth closed as much as possible.  


    Further along, I ran into a very short rain shower prior to reaching Lake Wales.


    I debated on u-turning it back for shelter at the gas station I had seen a mile or two back; however, I could see from my rear-view mirrors that the dark clouds were behind me.  


    This quick decision paid off.    


    Within a few minutes, the rain had stopped.  


    Rain is a funny thing while on a motorcycle.  It is kind of like playing chicken with mother nature.  


    Following the short shower, bursts of warm and cold air blasted me as I rapidly approached Bartow and Mulberry.    


    In all, four counties (Indian River, Osceola, Polk and Hillsborough) in less than three hours.  


    One minute citrus groves; the next minute Lake Kissimmee; the next minute cow pastures; the next minute phosphate mines; the next minute tomato vines.  




    My roots.  


    My paradox. 

    Current rest stop: Plant City.  


    Weather:  overcast skies.  


    Thanks to the Bruton Memorial Library, I am able to submit this blog post.  


    All I needed was one piece of identification.  


    Ninety-minutes.  No charge.  


    Time to explore the area before I meet my couchsurfing host.

    Until we meet again, my friend! 














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