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    Dyersburg, Tennessee

    July 19, 2016

    On my way to Dyersburg, I had to drive back through Memphis.  


    I ended up on Front Street, and then I followed the signs to the Great River Road.  I hit a beautiful stretch where the Mississippi flowed on my left and stately old homes sprinkled the right side.  


    Island Drive was the name of it.  


    Then, I hit a dead end.


    Obviously, I turned right because water was my other alternative.  


    I followed it until I hit another fork in the road.  This time, I turned left on a very windy road -- not knowing whether I made the right decision.


    It turned into 2nd Street and spilled me back onto 51.




    I made a left to go north.  


    I was on my way, and headed in the right direction.


    The route was fairly straightforward with more bluffs.


    Up -- then --- down.  


    Up -- then -- down.  


    I saw signs for a library and pulled into it, so I could publish the post I had created.  I used the computer for about an hour in a little town called Millington.  The air conditioning was a nice break from the heat.  


    Breakfast/lunch called, so back on the road I journeyed.


    I ended up stopping in another little rural town at a place called Emilee's.  I had a small ribeye steak and eggs breakfast.


    Then, I drove through a fairly busy commercial town called Covington.  A mix of industrial and industrial.  I saw a large Unilever plant to my right on 51, and a CSC Sugar facility, too.


    Followed by corn, corn, and more corn.  

    Then, I came upon Dyersburg.  


    I must have driven right by my next airbnb because while residential areas surrounded me at first; heavy industrial areas came right after that on 51.  


    I turned around and decided to go through the downtown area since I had passed signs for it earlier.  


    I drove around the town square.  Later, I checked my phone's GPS.


    My airbnb stay was behind me; I had passed right by it.


    After a few other wrong turns, I found my place.


    A beautiful, multi-story house overlooking a man-made pond in an affluent neighborhood.


    My host was welcoming.


    She immediately gave me full use of her garage (to park my motorcycle) and free reign on her washer/dryer.  


    We spoke for a long time:  about small towns and narrow minds; about her daughters; and about traveling alone.  


    Later, I showered.

    After my laundry was washed, dried, and packed, I walked to a


    nearby coffee shop, Java Cafe, where I ordered a PB&J and a cup of tea.


    Incessantly yawning, I knew it was time to go.


    I walked back and fell asleep just after 8 p.m.


    The driving.


    The heat.


    Both had sapped the energy right out of me. 

    Until we meet again, my friend. 





















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