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    Neighborhood Reconnaissance

    July 27, 2016

    Wednesday ended up being a more relaxing, catch my breath day.


    I awoke; I boiled some water for tea; I chatted with Mary Ann.


    Michael brought home some delicious just made croissants which I indulged in for breakfast.  


    Plumbers were working on the house, so the water was out for an hour or so.  I used a few baby wipes to clean up and headed for the library to blog.  


    Following my blogging session, I stopped by the ATM to pick up some cash (tip money) for Taylor.  I dropped it off along with a cupcake for her hard work.  


    When I returned, Mary Ann and I jumped in the car to run a few errands. She also went out of her way to introduce me to thrifting hot spots and several neighborhoods.


    For example, the ScholarShop.  Primarily a clothing and shoe thrift store. The money?  It goes to scholarships.  (Notice the branding used in its name.)


    She also took me to the Miriam Switching Post where I gawked at all the antiques and furniture.  


    Next, we drove through Maplewood and Dog Town.  Maplewood is just outside the city limits, so it's sort of like the first suburb or neighborhood right outside of St. Louis.  It reminded me of a typical Chicago district with shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, apartments, and homes.  


    Dogtown had more of a working class, residential feel to it.  Small homes and bungalows surrounded by trees and sidewalks.  Many cul-de-sacs, too, designed to protect children and limit traffic.  


    When we returned, we had some lunch (leftovers from various restaurants).  Michael was home, so we had a chance to catch up on our afternoon.  


    Later in the evening, Michael gave me a tour of more neighborhoods including Soulard and Lafayette Square.  (Mary Ann had a book club date.)


    Soulard felt more grungy, boxy, and lived in.  Lafayette Square represented the opposite:  manicured, architecturally-interesting, and uppity.


    After our tour, we had a meal at a McGurk's Irish Pub where I ordered a delicious version of Bangers and Mash.  


    Later, we stopped at Schlafly's Brewery to try some unusual varieties.  

    I ordered the Double Bean Blonde Ale: one of the most unique beers I have ever tasted.  Light in color it is brewed with coffee and cocoa.  












    A bit strange I know:  I loved it! 









    Following our brief beer tour, Michael and I returned to the house to watch the Democratic National Convention.  Read previous blogs, and you'll understand why.


    Just after 11 p.m., Mary Ann returned from her book club outing.  When, we caught up on our evening with Mary Ann, I departed for bed.


    Michael made fun of me by singing the party-pooper song.  We all laughed.  


    And... yes, I fell asleep before my senior citizen hosts.  

     Until we meet again, my friend.  

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