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    Downtown Minneapolis

    August 14, 2016

    Staying up late Friday night obviously impacted my wake-up time on Saturday.


    I did not get my butt out of bed until around 10 a.m.


    When I did, I walked over to the local Hennepin County Library which was less than six blocks away from my airbnb host's place.  I was one-day behind on blogging, so I ended up spending about three hours there.


    Stomach-growling, I walked over to the local grocery co-op and picked up four or five items in their to-go aisle: curry chicken salad, beet salad, sesame chicken salad, blueberry crisp, and plum cake.  


    Essentially those items served as both lunch and dinner on Saturday.


    After my meal -- which I had at Bruno's (airbnb host) -- I took a nap.  Then, I caught up on the phone with my new Florida now Minnesota friend, Cedric.


    He encouraged me to visit the neighborhood spot Sociable Cider.  


    I decided to take an early evening stroll which turned into a late evening jaunt downtown.  


    It was 77-degrees outside, so the weather could not have been more perfect.


    Captivating scenery on the way into downtown and downtown itself.  


    This half-faced doll startled me along Central Avenue on my walk towards downtown Minneapolis.




    Following a few more blocks, I could hear the Polish festival in full swing.  It was taking place along the lower river walk section of town.  


    I would have joined in on the festivities, but views of the Mississippi River beckoned.


    I expected to run into more people; however, I found myself alone most of Saturday evening.  


     Peaceful it was.




    I found the lack of human activity odd considering the temperature and the season.   












    The Metro -- public transportation --

    was running, but it too seemed to have limited hours.


    I saw two trains during my night prowl:  see Metro tracks on the right. 




    On my way back into my temporary Northeast Neighborhood, I looked up the Cider brewery... 

    Unfortunately, GPS did a number on me.  


    Although I should have arrived somewhere around 10:20 p.m., I did not find Sociables until closer to 11 p.m.


    GPS took me on the scenic route.  


    Once I discovered where it was (after looking at a map on my phone), I walked into the open atmosphere and approached the large bar area.


    When I shared my GPS woes, the bartender empathized with my experience.  Apparently, it's a common occurrence for first timers.


    The place was packed with neighborhood people.  


    Most of them were already tipsy and loud. 


    I nursed a blackberry-infused cider while I people watched.


    What I discovered was that in Minneapolis, boots can be worn anytime of the year.  



    Tattoos are also encouraged.  Sleeves of body art are the norm for men AND women.  Beards are also ubiquitous. 


    I think some Minnesotans had their suspicions that I was an out-of-towner.  Wearing a tank-top exposing naked arms and shoulders was probably a dead giveaway. 


    Interestingly, people around here do not exactly warm up to strangers even in cider-making establishments called Sociable.  


    Cedric has been my most positive stranger-to-stranger experience.


    Even interacting with my airbnb host has been a struggle:  I'm the one doing all the work. 


    In other words, if you visit Minneapolis on a solo venture, you may find yourself remaining solo.  


    Mind you, I'm not here seeking intimacy, but it would be nice to have a quality conversation with another human being.    


    Realizing I was not a fan of cider, I left Sociable before midnight.

    Despite having an early and sobering Saturday evening, I slept in on Sunday.


    When I awoke sometime before 11 a.m., I made some strategic (first world) goals.


    Find a decent place for brunch and purchase new boots.


    For brunch, I ended up at a place called Hazel's located along Thompson Avenue.  


    I walked there.


    Another cool day -- at least for a Floridian.


    Long wait times, but I stuck it out and got sat at a four-top.  


    I ordered a quiche and a side of sausages.  The sausages were without a doubt the highlight of my meal.  


    Tender and juicy.


    If you're waiting for some personal interaction with Minneapolis folks, you'll be waiting a bit longer.  


    Nice people... I'm sure.


    Friendly to strangers/outsiders?  


    Hmmmm... still up for debate.


    When I finished my meal, I walked to the most often seen department store in town:  Target.


    I found a comfortable pair of pleather boots to replace my leather ones.  


    You can see why I had to rid myself of the old pair.  


    Feeling a bit sticky from the walk, I headed back to Bruno's for a shower and a nap.  


    Refreshed, I headed back downtown.  


    A day trip if you will.    


    Lots to see along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

    Sunday, I ran into droves of people in Minneapolis.


    Tourists and townies.  


    Runners and cyclists.


    Families and couples.


    Hipsters and yuppies. 


    Walking and walking, I ran into the Mill Ruins Park and the Guthrie Theater.


    The Guthrie was showing South Pacific and Disgraced.  


    I entered the huge and oddly-shaped building.


    Five minutes until showtime, I discovered that I could purchase last minute seats for $20...only when I reached the ticket counter, I realized I did not have my wallet.


    Normally, the experience would have been an embarrassing, anxiety-ridden, trip-out for me.


    However, I took in stride and shrugged my shoulders:  I am a new relaxed version of my former self.


    I thanked the woman for her patience at my absentmindedness.


    Next, I thought about where I last saw my wallet.


    Oh, yes...


    I left it at Bruno's place.


    Even if I had not, I'm confident a Minnesotan would have returned it.


    I sent Bruno a text asking him not to lock any doors which required keys.


    When I returned, my wallet was on the table for me.


    Oh, well, so much for a last-minute special deal on a play.




    I worked on my motorcycle.  


    I lubed the chain and aired the tires.


    Then, I packed.


    Yet, my trip here remains unfinished.


    I have some graduate school friends to see (Betsy and Michael & Jenny).


    In other words, I will have quality human-to-human time. 



    I read a bit from this novel I picked up in New Harmony, Indiana and drifted off to asleep just after 10 p.m.

    Monday morning, I awoke before my 7:20 a.m. alarm.


    Starting off early was important.


    I visited the post-office to mail some important items for health insurance.


    Later, I walked to the library for this blog post.


    Next up, breakfast and finding Betsy's place.


    Goodbye Northeast Neighborhood.

    Until we meet again, my friend! 
























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