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    Bemidji Tour

    August 24, 2016

    Feeling quite refreshed, I awoke and readied myself for a library visit. 


    But first, coffee.


    I walked along the downtown area and found myself on 6th Street.  From the sidewalk, I could see signs for the Wild Hare Bistro.  I entered and ordered some toast, bacon, and coffee. 


    Gulping down two cups, I googled public library directions on my phone:  it was located one block from where I was.


    Then, I received a call from Paul.  My van buddy from last summer's Brian's Ride.  We ended up talking for just over an hour.  It was great to catch up with him, and I had him laughing when I mentioned purchasing some Depends on my next camping expedition. 


    Not only would those adult pampers keep me warm at night, but if nature called, I could just "go" in the comfort of my tent.  Plus, urine is quite warm. 


    He could not stop laughing.


    After our phone reunion, I headed over to the Bemidji Public Library to blog. 


    Due to the limited internet times, and the number of people waiting to use computers, I had to jump on four different screens to complete one blog post. 


    It was somewhat comical partly because I was in a vigorous writing trance; then, I would get interrupted and have to move to another computer and/or wait for another computer.


    Following the library, I walked back to the bistro to have lunch. 


    I ordered a chicken salad and some peach pie.  Both were unbelievably fresh.  (Apparently, Wild Hare is a hangout spot because I saw many locals lingering about.) 


    Later, I headed towards the water to take pictures of the Mississippi River.

    Bemidji is the Great River's first official city route. 




    Being here has been bittersweet.


    I realize that I am coming close to the end of this part of the tour, yet I am far from through with this motorcycle odyssey (thank you Betsy for this term). 


    Lake Itasca -- the location of the Mississippi River's headwaters -- still awaits; it is less than 40-miles away from where I am.


    When I was satisfied with my photography, I headed back into town to visit the many consignment shops.


    Mission:  find new gloves and other winter wear possibilities. 


    Temperatures here have been quite erratic and the last thing I want is to be freezing while on the motorcycle. 


    I found thermal gloves and riding gloves for $.99 a piece. 


    A steal.


    I purchased both pairs, but had little luck finding sweaters and/or turtlenecks. 


    It was nearing 5 p.m., so I headed back to Jo and Mike's home. 


    Jo had finished laundry and said the washer and dryer were open for use.


    I took her up on the suggestion, and washed my clothes.


    Later, she mentioned Wednesday night music and entertainment along the lawn of the Bemidji Lake.  She and her son Mason went over; I followed her when my laundry was finished.


    I ended up walking over with Mike.


    We sat on the lawn -- technically a quilt provided by some of Mike's professor friends -- and listened to music and enjoyed some Bemidji Brewery beers.


    Close to 9 p.m., we headed back to their house. 


    While Mike put Mason to bed, Jo and I conversed in the kitchen.


    I booked another night in Bemidji to spend a little more time exploring this interesting place where I have run into more Native Americans -- the Ojibwe Tribe (aka Chippewa/Ojibwa) -- than in any other place in my adult life. 


    I still need to see the local university and check out the long path which circles Lake Bemidji. 



    Maybe I simply want to delay my end to finding where the Mississippi River begins? 

    Until we meet again, my friend. 















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