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    May 17, 2018

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    Bemidji End

    August 25, 2016

    It's Friday morning, and I am at the end of my Bemidji tour.


    I just had my haircut by the granddaughter -- Calyn Lalone -- of a former Bemidji mayor.


    I stumbled upon her salon called The Hair Affair. 


    Here's the best part:  she just opened it on Monday!


    Calyn's new place is tucked in a little corner behind the Irish pub (where that surly bartender worked).


    Her dad was working on the locks on her business doors, so I had the chance to meet him, too. 


    I also met the former owner of the salon who was cutting a 91-year-old's hair.  Liz, the former salon owner, suggested more places to see following my Lake Itasca finale.



    We talked about this motorcycle journey and the "Minnesota Nice" myth.  Liz especially agreed with my interpretation while Calyn said it depended upon the person. 


    It caused a lively discussion.

    Now... back to Thursday.


    After yesterday's library visit, I headed to a few consignment shops looking for sweaters to purchase along the ride. 


    I had decided to recycle my old sneakers in exchange for "sweater" room, and for less than $12, I purchased a gray one and a nice scarf. 


    Following that purchase, I found Calyn's place and booked an appointment (she squeezed me in) for the following morning.


    Later, I walked back to my airbnb host's place to begin packing. 


    Jo asked if I wanted to attend an aerial yoga session that afternoon; I jumped at the chance!


    She had been with Mason most of the day, so when Mike arrived, he was given daddy-duty while she and I attended a restorative yoga session at Babe's Playground.


    The hour-long session was fantastic. 


    I was worried I might fall over with all that fabric and grabbing and swinging;  however, I did not topple over.


    Aerial yoga uses gravity to encourage the body to go just a little farther than it might normally go, and I can assure you that this may be the next up and coming trend in the meditative practice.  Barre yoga and hot yoga will have new competition soon.  It amazes me how many ways one can innovate yoga into new and expanding forms. 


    After the session, we drove back and I packed some more, read my novel, and made a few phone calls. 


    I was able to catch up with quite a few people including Jenn (in Florida) and Betsy (in Minneapolis). 


    Betsy and Karen are trying to connect me with friends and family along the North Shore of Minnesota and Duluth. 


    Let's see how all that pans out.


    When I finished my calls, I realized that Mason had been put to bed, so I walked into the kitchen to visit and converse more with Jo and Michael.


    Nearing midnight, I called it a day, and headed back to my warm bed.

    When I awoke on Friday morning, I took my last bath (in that beautiful clawfoot tub) and stopped at Wild Hare for breakfast. 



    I ended up speaking to one of its employees who made some excellent suggestions about where to sleep tonight (a campground near Itasca).  


    Lake Itasca will be packed; reservations have been booked months in advance.  In other words, I will not be able to stay there; however, I will still be able to visit the headwaters of the Mississippi River. 


    Since I had his attention, I asked him about taking a road called 1 across the northern part of Minnesota, and he highly recommended it. 


    As he put it, "You'd be driving through parts that many Minnesotans have never seen." 


    His approval was definitely a good sign that I should take that route. 

    I end my stay here with a photo of the bronze statue of Shaynowishkung -- "He who rattles." 


    When he lost his wife and several children, Chief Bemidji paddled up the Mississippi River and settled in Lake Bemidji to begin anew.


    Here's hoping his will and spirit influences me as I close this Mississippi adventure and begin my next exploration. 



    Until we meet again, my friend.









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