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    May 17, 2018

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    Bay City Lull

    September 8, 2016


    On Thursday morning, I awoke around 8:30 or so.


    It was time for breakfast and blogging.  


    The library opened at 10:00 a.m., so I was able to sleep in a bit.


    Although I heard my airbnb host speaking on the phone in her room, I was not able to ask her how her evening went with her daughter, nor how her daughter's wedding dress looked with the recently purchased footwear.


    Meanwhile, my bike was in the shop with Aaron; it would not be ready until later that afternoon.


    I used his borrowed Volvo for my morning drive into the downtown area.


    I ended up at Rudy's Red Lion Diner and had a super cheap breakfast: it was something like $4.59 for two eggs, two pieces of bacon, hashbrowns, and toast.  


    Next, I walked around the Bay City to take pictures of some architecturally interesting structures.


    Following my playing tourist, I parked the Volvo in a new location due to the downtown area parking restrictions.  




    I learned that in the library parking lot, you had unlimited time -- that is -- if you were in the library -- which I was.


    I blogged a pretty hefty post while a retired looking guy next to me checked his Facebook page.


    Unfortunately, I could smell the vodka on his breath.  


    I was thinking maybe a Bloody Mary, but tomatoes could not be detected.


    Maybe a morning martini?


    After the blogging, I booked my next listing in a place called Sarnia, Ontario.



    It was official.


    I was going to Canada.


    Lynn my first Canadian airbnb host emailed me right away.  Apparently, I was the kind of guest she looked forward to having: I felt pretty special after receiving it.  


    Now approaching 1 p.m., I drove along Center Avenue eyeballing all the giant logger baron homes blanketing the promenade.  


    Legend goes something like this: larger homes meant more off-spring; more children meant more success.  


    For the record, Bay City's Center Avenue gives St. Paul's famous Summit Avenue serious competition.

    Then, I received a call from Aaron.  


    The motorcycle was ready.


    I arrived in record time, and he applauded my punctuality.  


    We spoke for a bit.  Unfortunately, he would not be able to have that beer as he was needed at his friend's wedding earlier than he had anticipated.


    I felt bad I could not buy him a beer because when I looked at my bill, it was much less than I had anticipated.  


    Try under $170 including a new tire!  


    I have yet to have a motorcycle maintenance bill that small.


    I gave him a hug goodbye, and he shared his cell number.


    (New numbers and new Facebook friends.)


    Before leaving, I reminded Aaron that I was Gabriel: his messenger.  


    (Get that van and your motorcycle ready Aaron and go on that trip!)  


    I appreciated how he bent the framing nail in order to tie it around my key chain?   

    Call it a memento:  a way to remember Michigan.  

    I rode my newly back tired motorcycle back to Mary's home.


    She was at work, so I spent the evening as I normally do when I am about to leave a place:  I packed and reorganized my personal items.


    Adding a bit of evening spice, I made some calls to Betsy, Jenn, and Neiset.


    Betsy and I made a promise not to lose touch now that I had visited Minnesota.  I checked in on Dave to see how his job search was going.  He had some in-person interviews, so I saw that as a good sign.


    Jenn and I caught up on her Sea World vacation, and we discussed my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh.  (Her mom is hosting me!) 


    Neiset, who's teaching History in the famous Leon County High School in Tallahassee, and I reviewed some educational strategies.  


    She wants me to give a training to the new teachers.  


    It's something I have heard from others, and I have strongly considered -- becoming an educational consultant/trainer.  


    I told her I was up for the challenge, so let's see if that happens.  


    We also discussed my coming up there to work before moving to St. Louis.


    A viable option to consider.


    Knowing that I have diverse opportunities and many places where I can stay provides much peace of mind.


    Thus, when I retired that evening, I slept quite soundly.


    In the morning, I even recalled some of my dreams.


    Did someone say something about pet lions?

    Until we meet again, my friend.  






























































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