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    Motorcycle Maintenance: Sarnia

    September 10, 2016

    I woke up early enough on Saturday to ride with Lynn into downtown Sarnia.


    Overcast skies prevented me from riding the motorcycle. 


    Instead, I covered it up with my tent (remember, it doubles as a tarp), and headed downtown with my airbnb host.

    Lynn gave me a brief driving tour of the shops, restaurants, and galleries located along Christina Avenue. 


    We stopped at a coffee shop; however, she was off to work, so I remained and had my coffee and muffin.


    On my way to the public library, I was able to see a few cargo vessels cross the St. Clair River. 



    As I walked along the waterfront, I noticed how few people were out on a Saturday. 


    Probably the weather.


    Following some lengthy library blogging, I headed back to Lynn's house. 


    It was quite a walk. 


    A few kilometers from her home, I stopped by a grocery store only to find that my debit card would not work on their machines.  Fortunately, I had not made a huge purchase, so it was not a drawn out process.  I attempted to use my "American" dollars, but the cashier was not able to take them.


    Oh, well.

    I continued my walk from Exmouth to Indian. 


    A few kids on their bikes whipped around me (from behind) taking the lawn/grassy route as opposed to saying the typical "on your left" or "on your right." 


    Garages were open at some of the homes.  There, I could see men either smoking or having a few beers. 


    Finally, I had reached Scott and Lynn's home.


    Lynn was cooking; Scott was online.


    I made a cup of tea and played with their adorable puggle: Olive.


    We spoke for a bit about interesting family dynamics, addictions, and mental illness. 


    Part of the reason we discussed mental illness is on me. 


    I noticed that in the libraries in Canada I ran into more people with mental illnesses than homeless individuals; the latter I noticed more in the States.


    The couple knew of the dilemma.


    When Lynn went back to soup making, I asked Scott to help me with the speedometer cable.  He showed me how to uninstall it; I put it back as it was. 


    The job was a simple one. 


    We discussed motorcycle and car maintenance and his journey with machines. 


    Let's just say that Scott can put together a vehicle or a motorcycle from scratch.


    I shared how much I had been charged per hour by different mechanics anywhere from $60 to $90 an hour (Aaron, you were the most reasonable). 


    Yet, I know it doesn't take an hour to change the oil. 


    As he put it, some places have a minimum charge of an hour. 


    While I understood the logic, when you are on the receiving end, it doesn't seem fair.


    Meanwhile, I learned about his time as an independent business owner mechanic, as a BMW mechanic, and now as a (not his) family-run business mechanic. 


    With respect to machines, he's done it all. 


    I admire him and people like him. 


    Not only because of his skills, but because he's willing to share his knowledge with others.


    Rather than going out "on the town" in Sarnia, I opted for dinner with Scott and Lynn and their twin 21-year-old daughters.


    While they had soup and bread, I had two salads.  (I had purchased some spring salad bowls earlier thanks to the family offering me a trip to the grocery store.) 


    Lynn made brownies, and offered to share with me (as well as the soup from earlier); however, I declined. 


    I refrained from having any more of her delicious sweets. 


    Instead, I made it a short evening, and said goodnight to the family shortly after 9 p.m.


    I showered; then, I began my packing process.   


    As I packed and reflected upon my time in Sarnia, I realized that I had never tried that poutine Lynn told me to experience (sorry Lynn).  I remembered the hilarious song that her and Scott introduced to me. 


    Today, I leave you with a little funny ditty from Canada they shared with me. 


    Until we meet again, my friend. 



























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