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    Blogging, Imbibing, and Luften

    September 12, 2016

    I awoke on Monday morning ready to blog.  


    Sundays are blogging rest days, but boy does that mean "catch up" time on Mondays.


    Securing directions from Kerstin (the previous day), I walked to the library; it was a few kilometers away, but I needed the exercise.


    Although you were given only one-hour, the librarians were more than willing to provide extra time if you needed it:  I took them up on the extra time.


    Following the blog, I stopped by the ubiquitous Tim Horton's and had a very weak latte -- it tasted more like a Nescafe than espresso.


    Then, I dropped by the nearby grocery store: Zehrs. 


    I ended up purchasing a couple bottles of Canadian wine from two pretty big producers.  (The young counter clerk later admitted that Zehrs has a stake in the two wineries.)


    I carried both lunch and wine back to my temporary home.


    I opened the white and had it with my two salads.


    Because I had not had imbibed for a few days, I felt awfully tired.


    I did something unusual.


    I took a nap.


    When I awoke, it was pretty much dinner time.


    I promised myself a schnitzel meal at the neighborhood establishment (also suggested by Kerstin).


    Before I set off, I ran into Victoria.  She was off for a pregnancy photo shoot for one of her friends who is a doula -- that friend is in the midst of creating a website.  


    I walked a less than a mile to Edelweiss for my "take out" schnitzel.


    The staff were extremely friendly, and helpful.  



    When I returned to Victoria's duplex, my meal looked very much like what you see below.  


    The only thing missing?  



    And... Mr. Fantastic across from me.  


    Then, I heard a knock at the door.


    Did Mr. Fantastic hear me?




    It was Kerstin.


    She asked if I had stopped by for the schnitzel.


    Then, I offered her the wine because I would not be able to take it on my ride.


    She took it.  


    Then, she stopped back by the house, and asked if I would like to have some wine on her front porch with her.



    She was in the midst of making dinner, but I was more than welcome to come over once I had finished my meal. 


    I did.


    While she sauteed chicken and vegetables, I met her husband for a bit.


    Then, she and I sat outside to watch the sunset.


    It was nice to enjoy the close of the evening with someone.  


    Kerstin and I were able to share more stories than I could have ever imagined.


    I learned more about her two sons... about her daughter-in-law's rough pregnancy... about geckos... about winterizing one's home... about German tidiness... about her mother's interesting upbringing during the war... about being an outsider in Canada... about her love of mystery and crime... and about luften.


    Luften is a German word used to air out the house.  


    In Germany, all the windows are opened every morning for 10 to 15 minutes to expel any stale air.


    I thought about that word for awhile saying it to myself over and over again.


    How could one apply luften in one's life?


    Then, it was time to say goodbye.  


    I hugged Kerstin and thanked her for her hospitality -- not necessarily something I would expect from a German.


    On my way back to Victoria's, I went into my room to begin the usual packing process.  


    Then, I heard a knock at the door.


    It was Kerstin.


    She gave me an empty card by a local Cambridge artist.


    (I told her that that is the one thing I buy -- artist made cards -- to send to family and friends.)


    Thoughtful, right?


    I gave her another hug.


    What a lovely woman she was!


    (Thank you Kerstin for letting a stranger into your world for a few days.)


    In my room packing, I heard Victoria arrive.


    We caught up a little bit about her photo-shoot, and I told her I would be leaving pretty early in the morning.


    We said goodnight.


    Next, I sent an airbnb request to Fort Erie.


    Fort Erie was close to Niagara-on-the-lake but not as pricey.


    Finally, I fell asleep just after 9 p.m. 


    Next stop:  either Fort Erie or Niagara-on-the-lake?    

    Until we meet again, my friend.  






























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