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    > 16,000 Steps

    September 20, 2016

    Before my alarm goes off, I wake up.


    I forget where I am.


    I am in the attic waterbed at Cindy and Hank's home.


    It's just after 7 a.m.


    Cindy and I have a six-mile walk planned at Mingo Park.


    I am up before she is and as I walk downstairs to make my cup of tea, I don't even realize that Hank is awake in the dining room.


    He says, good morning, and nearly scares me.


    We chat for a little while at the table and wait for Cindy.


    She's up within a half-hour.  


    We have our morning beverages together, but do our own thing for breakfast.


    Hank is still not feeling well.  


    Cindy has yogurt and other good for you food; I heat up some of her banana nut bread.


    After we shower and get ready, we leave the house in her Pacifica and run some grocery errands.


    Then, we return, and I change clothing for our Mingo Creek Park walk.


    We take the scenic route 136 heading East.


    Along our ride, we primarily see rolling hillsides and farmland.  


    I'd never know I was just south of Pittsburgh, but that's how it is here.


    One minute you're in a city-scape, the next in suburbia, and the next in rural America.


    (I remember Hope mentioning that to me.)  


    We arrive to Mingo Creek, and off we go.  


    Cindy has on her fitbit.


    She keeps track.


    I'm just glad that I'm walking -- that I'm with someone I care about -- and that I'm in nature.  


    I have neither an agenda nor a schedule; neither does she.  


    We walk.


    We talk.


    We stop.


    I take pictures of the two covered bridges along our trek.


    That's how it was.  


    People were out, too.


    Walking dogs, riding bicycles, holding hands, pushing strollers, and running.


    Nature surrounds us with her beauty.


    Cindy loves the countryside, and I confess that deep down, I do, too. 




     Living in Washington County means having this type of nature within arms reach.

    We head back on 136 and make one stop.  


    Cindy takes me to 84 Lumber because she remembered they had tiny houses on their business lot.


    I'm excited about the prospect; she sees me giddy with delight.


    "You're like a kid on Christmas Day!"


    I am because I haven't seen a tiny house since last February when I attended a Tumbleweed workshop with my dad.


    House kits start at under $7000.  


    I'm sure they do not include trailer or appliances; still, I am climbing around like I own these places.


    Cindy just laughs and laughs.  



    When we arrive back at her house, we ready ourselves for two foodie trips.


    Since 1939, Angelo's has been in existence in Washington and only in Washington.  


    If you ever visit this area, you must... must... go.


    Let's just say that on a Monday night, I saw more than 60 patrons in the dining room and bar.


    We order a flatbread (fontinella, spinach, and sundried tomato), an antipasto, a caesar salad and two glasses of wine.  


    The thin crust dough on that flatbread is outstanding.  


    I taste only flour, water, and salt.  


    Nothing else.  


    It reminds me of pan de agua.


    We end our meal with homemade gelato.  


    I have the sea-salt caramel, and tell Cindy, there's no where else we need to go.


    But, there is:  Sarris Candies in Canonsburg!



    This place has always been a local hit -- way before Sofia Vergara.


    We go inside, and Cindy gives me a tour of the place.


    Later, I hunt down my weakness:  Dark Salted Caramels.


    Dark chocolate.


    Dark caramel.


    Hawaiian black lava sea salt.


    Can you imagine such a creation?  


    I can, and it's my personal favorite.


    Cindy introduced me to them prior to my visit, and I will be forever grateful.


    Exhausted, but content we return to her home.


    I blog; she enjoys a glass of wine and catches up on social media.


    She has another big day planned for us the following day.


    Either way, I know she'll know how many steps we take.  

    Until we meet again, my friend. 

































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