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    Savannah (before Hurricane Matthew)

    October 6, 2016

    Wednesday morning, I awoke around 9 a.m. feeling better.


    My gluttonous behavior from the previous evening had subsided.


    Had the portions been smaller, I would not have felt so sick.


    No excuses, though:  I had indulged.


    I walked downstairs and made myself some toast and coffee.


    Then, I took a long bath in the upstairs clawfoot tub.


    After my bath, I ventured outside and walked around Savannah's squares and parks and cemeteries.


    I needed to make a decision regarding the looming Hurricane Matthew.


    I stopped by the famed SCAD student art shop to pick up some post cards for family and friends.


    Unfortunately, it was closed due to the hurricane, yet it was only Wednesday.  


    Already businesses were closing?


    I saw more and more of this hurricane causing early closures.


    Events were being canceled.


    Preparations were being made too far in advance for this Floridian.


    I walked over to the waterfront to see the Savannah River.


    The view was ruined by the giant hotels which faced the water; however, from inside those hotels, I'm sure the view was quite lovely -- only, I was an outdoor pedestrian not an indoor hotel guest.


    The giant wall which surrounded the river alleviated my hurricane/storm surge concerns.


    I walked over the heavy cobblestones and back up the narrow and precarious stairs to where the better views were located:  the downtown area.


    Walking and walking... thinking and thinking.


    Do I go?


    Do I stay?


    If I go, I leave Thursday morning (tomorrow).


    If I stay, I remain for who knows how long?


    I checked in with many family and friends for advice.


    All of them suggested the following:  STAY.


    So, that's what I decided.


    I contacted my airbnb host:  cancellations (due to the hurricane) had begun.


    In other words, there would be plenty of room.


    We negotiated a deal with a special rate:  I remained.


    Earlier that day, a lovely woman named Leslie (an art gallery owner and complete stranger) had promised to contact local friends to see if they could host me.  


    It was a "just in case" and "back-up plan" move.


    With a place to stay for nearly a week -- I would leave next Tuesday -- I was RELIEVED.


    I walked and walked some more.


    Still full from the night before, I found a small cafe where I had a quiche and a pastry.




    I walked and walked some more.


    Then, I ended up back at the airbnb.


    I fell asleep early due to all the walking; I was in bed and out before 8! 

    It was a beautiful, sunny Thursday morning.




    What hurricane?


    I started second guessing my decision.


    However, a deal had been struck regarding my stay.


    I stuck with my plan to stay,


    Better to have a place to be than find myself stranded in the middle of nowhere.


    Unfortunately, many businesses were already closing.


    Evacuations had been suggested -- followed by more airbnb cancellations.


    A new guest had arrived after being booted out of "The Mansion."


    Vickie had never been to an airbnb.  We chatted for quite some time; then, I met a nice couple from New York City.  They would remain until Monday morning.  We did the best we could under the circumstances.


    I took time to catch up on my blog since the library would be closed from Thursday morning until Tuesday!


    Then, I lounged around.


    Clouds had shuffled through, and it was a good day to do nothing.


    Many businesses were closing early; there was nothing to do.  


    So, I did nothing... sort of nothing.


    I helped Janeen (the in-house caretaker) move furniture away from windows and move lawn chairs into the shed.  Later, she ordered food reserves for those of us sticking out the hurricane.


    I swapped more stories with Vickie.



    When she saw me filling out cards, she offered me stamps, and I accepted.


    I spoke more with the New Yorkers, and I checked for weather updates.


    Later, J- and D- appeared: two local airbnb hosts/investors.


    They were also motorcycle riders who were curious about my ride. 


    J-  a conversationalist with showy blue eyes who recognized his own shortcomings -- his inability to stop the sound of his voice.  


    D- a minimalist with boyish charm and a fabulous sense of humor.


    Both full of wisdom; both full of travel stories; both die hard motorcyclists.


    I would like to say we did some serious bonding.


    The whole house seemed abuzz with motorcycle and travel talk.


    By the evening, eight people were scattered around different rooms having conversations about adventures on the road and the upcoming hurricane.


    Then, I began to yawn, so I retired.  


    It was close to 10 p.m. 


    Off I went to my cozy room (the smallest in the house) to catch up on beauty rest.

    Until we meet again, my friend! 























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