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    Amelia Island

    November 18, 2016

    I awoke around 6:30 a.m.


    Early enough to have a cup of tea with Martha on Friday morning; afterwards, I readied myself for some state park hopping.


    I took a larger bag for refreshments (back to Harris Teeter) and tied it with a bungee cord.


    Back to A1a.  


    Then, I drove to many of the state parks I had passed to absorb as much nature as possible in one day.  


    These photos represent my bounty.  


    I also met a curious state park employee who wondered why I was there all alone.


    Not sure whether I answered his question, but he came back and offered a gift: a small shark tooth.  I accepted his token.


    While the coastal magic glistened, the sun permeated my skin.

    I did not return to my airbnb host's home until after 1 p.m.


    Then, I took a nap.


    An hour later, I headed out for more state park action.


    This time, I rode one of Martha's bikes to Fort Clinch State Park.  


    More photos.


    I worked up a serious appetite.


    Off I went... this time downtown.


    I found a restaurant called Sabbia (a Mediterranean street food place).


    There, I ordered a lamb and ground beef burger (medium rare) and fries.


    I washed down my meal with a liter of sparkling water, yet I was not full, so I returned to my favorite coffee shop for a luscious slice of pie and a chai.






    That was it -- that was what I needed: dessert.


    Feeling full, I sauntered around a bit more to enjoy the cool evening.


    Sometime after 7 p.m., I looped back to Martha's home.


    When I arrived, she was in the kitchen whipping up -- of all foods -- hotdogs.


    We ended up chatting again at the table.  


    One of her friend's (another teacher) also joined us -- she came for dinner and company.


    There, we spoke about everything from sailing to traveling to teaching to students. 


    During the student discussion, I felt myself pulling away from the conversation reflecting on exactly why I no longer teach.  (Your life becomes less about you and more about your students; I suppose the same effect results from parenting.)  Then, I realized that other people (non-educators) probably do the same. 


    While I drifted from the external to the internal, her handsome 20-something son (and one of his friends) stormed into the house, thus, jarring my processing.


    Tall, the young men loomed over us "old ladies" sitting at the table.


    They stayed for a bit to charm and enhance the scenery and then disappeared as young people often do.


    As the conversation waned, Martha's friend departed shortly thereafter.


    Despite the now empty house, Martha and I continued our chat with new topics of conversation, yet at some point we called it a night.


    I did not fall asleep until close to 11 p.m.

    Until we meet again. 


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