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    May 17, 2018

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    Flourishing and floundering

    September 16, 2017

    Today is my youngest sister's birthday.  I know she'd be proud of me for creating something on this very special occasion.


    It's hard to believe that it's been four months since my last post.  However, I told my readers that I would not upload bullsh** musings about my life unless they were connected to the motorcycle world.  


    Well, that day has come.


    In late August and early September, I agreed to be a founding member of a network of motorcycle women called LITAS.  With the youthful exuberance of Anna Heritage, we launched our Savannah chapter, held our first "founders" meeting last night, and scheduled two rides in October.   



    Pretty exciting!  


    What's also fulfilling is that that friendship with Elizabeth (see previous blog post) expanded into us working together on this new endeavor.



    With that said, some other motorcycle friendships need to be applauded because in one specific case it resulted in a new place to live.  


    Back in July, my airbnb reign ended.  


    Perhaps it was too good to be true: there's no such thing as a free lunch, right?  If you're expecting some dramatic story involving tears and screaming and door slamming, you'll be disappointed.  


    It was a quiet exit on a Sunday afternoon, and while my bosses offered me a month to find a place, I took stage left on Tuesday morning.  


    How is it possible to be somewhat broke yet find a new place to live in two days in a recently moved in city?


    Ride motorcycles.  


    You see I made many friendships at Coastal Empire Moto.  There, I met a 60-something Kansas-born and recent transplant from Colorado named Rick. He had a two-bedroom house; he was eager to have a roommate.  


    The timing was right.  


    Cheap rent, too.


    On the 4th of July, I hauled one tiny truckload of stuff from a giant and bustling airbnb into a quaint neighborhood.  Rick was on holiday, so he did me the favor of helping me close another chapter in my life.  


    I know; I know.  I should be effing grateful to have this stranger open his doors to me! He knows that I am.  


    My 44th birthday fell the day after my move.  Luckily, I was able to celebrate it in the present rather than the past.  


    It's mid-September, and I'm still at Rick's place.  My motorcycling friendships continue to flourish.  I wish I could say the same about my professional life.  Unfortunately, I am floundering in that strategic part of my existence.  (One can only live on savings for so long.)  


    Perhaps I'm being too hard on myself.  Technically, the airbnb gig ended in early July, and just over two-months have passed, yet I find myself frustrated.  


    Forcing myself to make a quick move encouraged me to look for work, and while I tried a motorcycle sales position (I thought I would be perfect for the job), that post lasted a whopping four weeks.  As my superior pointed out:  you're not a failure, you're just not a salesman.  Maybe some of my readers are cringing?  Yeah, I suppose I never saw myself as a salesman even if I was selling motorcycles.      


    And so... (sigh)...


    I sought the help of a woman I barely knew -- an educator -- Sheri H.  She works for a statewide Georgia charter school that focuses on students who dropout.  


    In other words, the I give-up kids.  


    Why do I feel like one of those students right about now?  


    Remember that famous Grease number.   



    I connect with it, too.


    Maybe that's why she's taken me under her wing.  

    My first assignment had a few components.


    Take the Clifton Strengths Assessment  


    Answer some tough questions

    -What is my purpose in life?  

    -What gets me up in the morning?


    Articulate my vision

    -Where do I see myself in two, five, and ten years?


    After completing and submitting the homework, she gave me more.


    Using my purpose, I had to elaborate how that looks in my personal and professional life.  


    Then, things got interesting.  


    Everything that I am doing right now in my personal life matches my purpose; hence, why it is flourishing!  And so... I realized that my professional life needed to align with my purpose/my values; otherwise, I would be unhappy and/or unfulfilled.  


    In addition, I discovered that while I tapped some of my personal strengths (responsibility and relator), I left some strengths behind (strategic thinker, achiever, and restorative).


    And... that's where I am as of this writing.  


    I am confident more will surface as the days and weeks progress.


    In the meantime, you'll see me at one of worldwide motorcycle rides coming up next Sunday, September 24th:  the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride.  


    Time to raise some money and hit up the Goodwill for a dapper blazer and bow tie. 

    Until we meet again, my friend.









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