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    Comedy of Errors

    May 17, 2018

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    Comedy of Errors

    May 17, 2018

    Well -- my gray 1986 450 Honda Rebel sold. 


    My reliable companion -- the one who inspired me to launch this blog -- finally said goodbye.  



    I had it on and off Craigslist (and other sites) for more than a year, and for whatever reason, it was not a hot item, at least, not until this month. 


    Four separate individuals asked about my bike, looked at my bike, and talked about my bike.  Finally, two older riders walked into Coastal Empire Moto in Savannah looking for... a low to the ground cruiser.  


    A simple transaction turned into a comedy of errors. 


    Guy #1 who originally wanted the bike shook on one price, yet Guy #2 bought the bike thereby making the handshake price from Guy #1 null and void.  Meanwhile, Guy #2 moaned about his wife not liking the price given by Guy #1. 


    Why do men blame their wives and girlfriends when haggling?


    My rebel sells for a couple hundred dollars less.


    Different man, different hand, right? 


    A check is written -- a bank call is made -- a key is given.  


    Guy #2 rides off into the sunny traffic.

    Cell-phone rings.  


    The bike stalled, and it won't start.


    Did you put gas in the bike? 




    Neither did I.  (Note to self: next time I sell a motorcycle, put a full tank of gas in it.)  Put the tank on reserve and see if that works.


    Yup, it's running. 


    Get it to a gas station.

    Take Guy #2's check to Wells Fargo.


    The teller refuses to cash it.


    Why not?  


    Guy #2 placed numbers where letters -- representing numbers-- should have been written.   

    Guy #2's cell-phone rings.  


    Your bank won't cash your check.


    What do you mean?!


    He ends up at his bank.


    Two employees and an ATM transaction later -- the cash deal closes.  

    Cell-phone rings. 


    One of the rear blinkers isn't working.


    We checked the blinkers, remember? 




    I'm sure I can figure it out. 


    (Why is it that even when you are clear that you are selling something as is, when something goes wrong, the buyer calls you back.)  

    More than a week has passed.

    Has the dust finally settled?

    Stay tuned.

    In the meantime... 


    Farewell, reliable Honda: 

    may your travel experiences with Guy#2 be as memorable as ours!

















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